Interview: 10 Dev and Nomadic Collaborate on Birthday Beer

On Wednesday 25th October some of the team from Harrogate favourite 10 Devonshire Place headed over to Leeds to the awesome Nomadic Brewery for a brew day.

I caught up with Declan – one of the lucky guest brewers – to find out a bit more about it.

What was the recent 10 Dev brew day all about?

Our brew day was all about brewing an extra special beer for 10 Dev’s birthday on November 19th. We wanted it to be as ’10 Dev’ as possible, so we wanted to be hands on in the brewing process.

Why Nomadic?

We’re always talking to great local breweries. Nomadic is based a short trip away in Leeds and have always produced fantastic casks for us. Recently we’ve been selling their bottled beers online. Whilst talking about that we mentioned we’d like to brew our own birthday beer. We put 2+2 together and asked if they were willing to help us! They were.

Tell us more about the beer?

The style of the beer is a raspberry and chocolate milk stout – loads of chocolate malts, chocolate powder, lactose and raspberry are being used to make it. So think chocolate and raspberry cake with a layer of cream.

We’re still working on the name. It’s going to be something really 10 Dev-y so we want to make sure it’s right.

When can we get some?

You’ll be able to get some in a couple of weeks. We hope to have it not just at 10 Dev, but also at some of the amazing independent pubs around Harrogate that we’ve grown up alongside of.

What else is planned for the pub’s 3rd birthday celebrations?

A very big party is planned on November 19th. We’ll have cake, party games, and of course, plenty to drink! It falls on a Sunday so our superstar DJ Trev will be hosting a self-styled ‘MegaQuiz’ too.

Can we get any other Nomadic beers at 10 Dev?

We’ve usually got Nomadic cask on 3 times a month. We now have a number of bottled Nomadic Beers in the fridges too. These are going to be a permanent addition. I highly recommend the himalayan salt, pink peppercorn and pink grapefruit gose.

Are there any more brew days or collaborations on the cards for the future?

We don’t have concrete plans for anymore collaborations quite yet but we are definitely up for doing more. If you know any great brewers that would like a collab get in touch!

Katie Marriot, Gaffa at Nomadic adds:

“We had a great day with the guys from 10 Dev Place. They really got stuck in and even wanted to get into the mash tun! Lots of questions were asked, they were very enthusiastic and I hope they learnt something. I’m looking forward to the launch of the beer and the birthday celebrations. Oh and plans for our extra special Christmas brew were also discussed – watch this space”.




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