Feature: Is This The Biggest Xmas Tree in Town?

Just for fun, I recently invited myself along to The Harrogate Tap for their annual Christmas Tree delivery.

Tree deliveryNow if you aren’t aware of this tree, let me provide some context; it’s traditionally HUGE. The reason for this visit, therefore, wasn’t entirely random – I’ve often sat in the pub wondering just how on Earth they get it in there! Now I have a blog I also have the perfect excuse to ask to get involved. Thankfully the lovely team there humoured me and agreed to let me tag along.

Firstly for all those wondering like me (SPOILER ALERT) – it goes in through the window. Pretty easily and smoothly, actually.

It’s typical this year’s tree does seem slightly smaller than previous ones, although I’m still fairly sure this is the biggest indoor Christmas tree in town. Do you agree?

Anyway, here’s a funky time lapse of the grand arrival and installation:

One thing that’s for sure is that The Harrogate Tap is a very cosy pub indeed at this time of year. As a bonus the beers are great, the staff are brilliant (thanks to Adam for welcoming me!), and the finished tree looks absolutely stunning. Do pop by and take a look for yourself soon – the gorgeous real fire is lit most of winter.

So the tree goes in easily. Who knew? Apparently the real fun happens when they are getting it back out again. I may well be back to see that for myself too (and in between, obviously).

Finally, if you scroll down, I’ve uploaded some photos of some of the beers coming up at The Harrogate Tap over the coming weeks – some beauties from Magic Rock, Arbor, Tiny Rebel, and Brew York amongst others. They let me have a sneaky peak to share with you. Don’t tell others as they’ll all want some.

Mmmmmmm… beer……..

Harrogate Tap Logo


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